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Kiki Leledaki

kiki leledakiKiriaki Leledaki, civil engineer (ΤΕ), was born in Marousi, Athens and has been living and working in Alexandroupolis since 1995. She completed her studies at the Institute of Technology of Central Macedonia (Serres) in 2006.

Meanwhile, she also added to her qualifications the degree of pedagogical education from ASPETE, Rodopi, aiming at teaching at the technological sector. Considering education as a continuous procedure, necessary for her working development, she has been attending the “Quality safety” postgraduate program of G.O.U.

Since 2006 she has been actively working as an engineer, mainly dealing with issuing construction licenses, arrangement of illegal buildings, legality certificates, shops opening licenses, supervision of constructions as well as building checks.

With her continuous further education and her loyalty to the detailed organization of each work, Kiriaki Leledaki contributes to the improvement of services of an engineer both in the private and the public sector.