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Daphne Karavokyri

daphne karavokyri1My name is Daphne Karavokyris and I am 29 years old. My nationality is half Brazilian half Greek. Thankfully, my foreign half is from my mother’s side. Luckily, I have travelled a lot around the world due to my father’s profession.

I graduated from Psychico Athens College and thereafter from Kent University majoring in Philosophy and Cultural Studies. I never took a Master’s Degree due to the fact that at that point, there was nothing I wanted to go in deepth with and specialize further. Instead, I decided to come home and begin to work at the age of 21. For the past 7 years, I am working at ANT1’s Pay TV Channels, acting as a Social Media Manager, being in Digital Marketing, in charge of the News Bulletins for Greeks living abroad etc. At the same time I am part of the amazing world of VICE. Having hosted 3 mini web series of 10-12 episodes for, having been awarded with a Gold Prize at the Digital Media Awards in 2015 for the Best Web Series for the project Beyond Gender Greece, having presented long format documentaries with regards to the Homeless people in our country, the Stray Dogs in Greece, I am hosting the VICE Greece tv show on ANT1, discussing about the most interesting documentaries from the VICE office in Greece and further for VICE Global.

Goals: To travel a lot, to meet a lot of people, to be fully occupied with documentaries focusing on social matters since there is nothing more intriguing and challenging than being next to the people, knowing their needs, being close to them and understanding first hand, how the world we live in, works.

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