Are you ready for the truth? | Saturday, March 11, 2017
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Are you ready for the truth?

Are you ready for the truth? Are you ready to question all that you know?

What is the truth anyway? Is it hidden somewhere out there or exists just in front of us? Do we see it, discover it or fabricate it? Does the truth actually exist? Is there any connection between my truth and yours? Can they be associated? And at that point, is it possibly more powerful? Basically, the truth seems to be different when seen from the perspective of each one of us. Some say that they look at it right in its eyes, some are accused of closing their eyes at it and ignore it, some that look half of it and others gaze at it in awe or with wonder.

Which truth will I notice when travelling as a refugee and which when travelling for pleasure? When reading books? When using my PC? When using a microscope or telescope? From the point of the moon? Which truth do I highlight when I speak with others and which when I speak about others?

Stories and ideas of people who have seen and pointed out their truths, with their work or their way of living, as they knew, perceived or fabricated themselves…

Together we will attempt to learn, see and finally define our truth, the truth that we wish to take with you from this special TEDx.

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