Are you ready for the truth? | Saturday, March 11, 2017

True coffee flavors


Really ... what kind of drink would occur if we submit the filter coffee in the ‘torture’ of the frozen droplet?

The coffee produced by the cold brewing process is a relatively new proposal in the coffee room. The manufacturing process with the use of the cold tower (cold drip tower) may take from 8-12 hours depending on the water temperature, the flow rate of the coffee, the degree of coffee grinding and the desired final amount beverage. The solids and the essential oils of the ground coffee is transported slowly, literally drop by drop, in the finished beverage and the low water temperature "locks" substantially the coffee aromatics, which are released when the coffee is heated again in our mouth.

On March 11, the owner and head barista of "the shot", Mimis Zouboulakis, is going to present the filter coffee in the torture of the frozen droplet, using an impressive tower of cold distillation and a special coffee blend: the variety Kiungu which originates from Embu of Kenya and more specific from the Cooperative Growers of Thambana, it grows at an altitude of 1650-1700 m., it has been double fermented Kenyans type and it is roasted by Redd Artisan coffee Roasters, in order all of us to enjoy a cool, rich in flavor coffee enriched with hints of blackberry, plum and caramel. It also has a mild lemon acidity and a soft finish as well.