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Naysika Stathi

naysika stathiNaysika Stathi was born in Veroia. She graduated from the Department of Primary level of Education of Democritus University in 2003. The same year she completed her studies in modern, jazz and contemporary dance and attained the professional diploma of teaching modern and jazz dance of ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing). Alongside her studies and until now, she attends seminars of contemporary dance, improvisation, body theatre and contact with Greek and foreign teachers. She has danced in festivals in Athens, Veroia, Corfu and Thessaloniki. She is a founding member of the team 2ART Performing Arts Company and she teaches dance in dance schools. In 2010 she choreographed and directed the act Mindtrip Advisor in Thessaloniki for the organisation “Initiative for the Child”. In 2011 she directed and choreographed the act Which side are you on? In winter of 2012 she cooperated with National Theatre of Northern Greece and Stavros Xarchakos in the act “Amen Amen” and in spring 2012 she cooperated with Smaro Platioti in the act “Oidipodas”. Furthermore, in 2012 she presented the act Now clean up the mess in her direction, a work in progress. In 2013 she choreographed with Alexandra Tsotanidou the act huMANIA under the direction of Smaro Platioti. Moreover, in 2014 she directed the act “Veroia, magical city” for the group of Friends of Theatre and Art of Veroia. During 2014-2015 she was inspired and organised the project “Allios” (Otherwise) with the following guests: Dimitris Korgialas, Yiannis Stankoglou and Pavlos Pavlidis. In 2016 she participated in solo project in the act “choris” (without). The same year she presented the performance “Lines” in the painting exhibition of artist Andreas Balaouras. She has participated in several dance galas and festivals across Greece (Gala P. Psychikou, ANAKATA, festival of Open theatre stage) and music concerts. She also has graduated from Antoniadeiou Cultural Centre Conservatory in Veroia from 1988 until 1998 studying piano, solfege, theory of music and phonetics. She has worked in various music halls as a singer. The last years she writes for and